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                                    The 3 Best Times to Bluff in Online Poker





     Although you can pick and choose your spots to bluff when playing poker online, there are three specific times where you have a better than average chance of winning on a consistent basis. Here are the three spots you need be focusing your efforts to start banking as many chips as possible.


The Blinds - The blinds are perhaps the easiest place to bluff but it is also the place where you win the least amount of chips. The key here is finding players who are already folding their hands when in the blind, and just exploiting the fact you know they will fold again. When you are in a hand with this player, raise the pot and they will usually give it up.


The Ace - The ace is the most powerful card in the deck, but it can be the most feared too. Players who think they have the best of it with kings usually cringe in fear when that ace hits the board. If you see the bettor check after the ace hits, that is your cue to drop a huge raise and scoop the pot.


The River Draw - By the time the river hits the board, the bot is stuffed with a nice pile of chips. The best hands will often quiver in fear when that straight or flush draw gets there. Rather than risk any more chips, these bettors often check the action hoping everyone does the same, If you think you might be able to get these players off a hand, you have to make a bet big enough to get them to fold.


These three spots should not be your only spots, nor should you be trying to bluff each time either or you will be labeled a pot bully and people will start coming after you.

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